Why do forward-thinking companies bet on augmented intelligence ?

By Constant Ondo

All companies now know that digitization is an essential issue, but not all are fully aware of what they can expect from digitization in the coming years.

The most advanced ones are already beyond task automation. They are using data to support the decision-making. And are looking to go a step further, developing tools to enhance human intelligence throughout their organization.

These forward-thinking companies have understood the power of human intelligence associated with artificial intelligence, and intend to use that power to address the economical, societal and environmental challenges they are facing.

Like them, you can decide to bet on augmented intelligence to reinvent your company, better and faster, thus ensuring your future in a radically changing environment.

What is augmented intelligence about ?

Augmented intelligence is about using Artificial Intelligence to enhance human intelligence, not to replace it.

It is about allowing people to focus on decision-making by avoiding them the tedious work of collecting and analyzing data thanks to NLP (natural language processing), neural networks and the calculation power of computers.

It is about giving them a real-time access to a comprehensive view of unsolvable problems so as to reveal new solutions. And using these solutions to meet ambitious challenges.

It is about offering them tools to make decisions quicker, yet with a higher level of confidence.

It is, in short, about offering people an opportunity to make the best use of their talents.

Human centered digitization

As you will have understood, augmented intelligence strongly reaffirms the importance of human beings in securing activities and creating value. Though blatant, this idea might sometimes be lost on the way for a while if technology becomes the main focus.

No industrial company would take the risk of having his manufacturing process entirely run by Artificial Intelligence, without any human control. Just like no service company will ever rely only on chatbots to deliver a memorable customer experience.

With this in mind, digitization covers a much broader application field. Beyond automating tasks with no added-value, companies are called to think about how Artificial Intelligence can better serve the cognitive capacities of the human brain.

Value creation as a priority

Companies which bet on augmented intelligence want to deliver more value rather than fight on costs.

They are aspiring to create such value while using less resources, in order to ensure the future of their business and the planet. They know that the challenge is high and requires actionable collective intelligence.

This is why they are considering augmented intelligence beyond man-machine interaction and want it to disseminate throughout their organization, up to the highest decision levels.

A good way to retain talents

If augmented intelligence is so much associated with value growth, it is mainly because companies have realized that human capital is (or should be) their main asset in the race for competitive advantage.

Striving to hire, nurture and retain talents, they surely realized that both experienced HiPos and young genius are aware enough of how new technologies can help them in their daily tasks to ask for the digital tools they deserve.

Augmented intelligence is the new frontier

Augmented intelligence platform are the management new frontier.

They help gather teams around ambitious, motivating challenges, particularly innovation and sustainability. They foster the skill leadership of HiPos and help breaking silos.

They provide a knowledge overview that serves as a basis to solve complex issues, and can even draw a path towards the solution.

They support people in pushing what they believed was their own limit much farther.

They allow your teams to be part of great achievements, and help your company reach the moon.

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