PICC Software key features

The all-in-one solution


Why using various softwares when one is enough ?

PICC Software : an integrated platform for knowledge management, innovation management, business process modeling and online collaboration.

Get over with silos and complex API !

Just ask, and PICC Software answers you

The simplest way for your people to retrieve actionable information : a search engine based on highly powerful artificial intelligence.

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An expert in your pocket, anytime

PICC Software guides users step by step, from a problem to its solution, in any situation thanks to real-time integration of data coming from IoT sensors.

Photos, videos and augmented reality views can be added at each step.

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Unlimited collaboration

All the problems under review within your organization and all considered solutions aggregated by artificial intelligence in a collaborative knowledge map.

The most powerful tool to help your teams solve complex problems.

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The fastest way from idea to market

The inventiveness of your experts augmented with artificial intelligence and guided through a scientifically demonstrated method to manage efficiently all your innovation projects.

New ideas, marketable, in a few days only and for 100% of your projects.

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400 years of invention to assess the potential of your ideas

A unique tool to assess the maturity level of a potential innovation and decide between incremental or disruptive innovation to maximize profits.

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