• Capture your tacit know-how easily without even thinking about it

  • Analyze million pieces of data and their causal links within seconds

  • Connect knowledge and experience feedbacks to find the best solution to each problem

  • Spread your best practices quickly throughout your organization

  • Knowledge capture in video, photo, audio and text
  • Integration of IoT sensor data
  • Connection to IT systems
  • Automatic search in all sources
  • Reliable analysis of unstructured content
  • Automatic translation in over 100 languages.



PICC is designed to help share knowledge and experiences feedbacks from one workstation to another, from one workshop to another, from one site to another.

Our platform relies on its unique ease of use and a 100% accuracy rate to fuel the virtuous circle of knowledge capture.

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  • Simply ask and PICC answers
  • KMAPs created and updated automatically
  • Insights revealed by powerful AI
  • Multi-parameter dynamic model

Automatic knowledge organization

as a network of interconnected problems and solutions.

PICC is the only platform where knowledge is analyzed and organized from a problem/solution perspective. As a result, it provides responses that can be directly activated by your employ-ees.

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  • Results displayed as solutions / associated risks / procedures
  • Solutions ranked according to their impact
  • Automatic risk analysis (FMECA)
  • Automatic identification of expert people

Decision support

in complex problem solving.

PICC gives you greater control over complexity in your day-to-day operations. With PICC, your employees have in their pocket the best expert for diagnosing and solving problems. And you get a powerful tool to define your improvement plans.

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  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Virtual/augmented reality modules
  • Usage statistics
  • User feedback on procedures

Dynamic procedures

based on knowledge updated in real time.

PICC makes it very easy to transform a validated solution into a best practice shared throughout the company. This best practice will be proposed to the user, in his native language, as soon as he is confronted with the same problem. No more communication efforts to bring all teams up to the same level of knowledge.

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The Grand Est region used PICC to analyze hundreds of documents and citizen contributions to establish a post-COVID strategic plan.

BIC, a key player in stationery products, obtained dozens of innovative and actionable solutions in 7 days with PICC.

Tecalemit was able to capitalize on the know-how of its collaborators within PICC through hundreds of problems, solutions, and procedures.

PICC helped Arcelor reduce its CO2 emissions by 400,000 tons per year, equivalent to Lyon's annual emissions.

Berry Global, a multinational company with hundreds of factories, uses PICC to solve problems, improve quality, and facilitate multilingual communication.

OCP, a major player in the phosphate industry, significantly reduced the risks of industrial incidents through the resolution of complex problems using PICC.

Augmented collective

Documentation + tacit knowledge + experience feedback Knowledge aggregation and mapping Addition of data coming from IoT sensors Automated processing by our powerful AI

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Numerous applications
in industrial companies from production to support functions

Operational excellence

PICC enables you to boost performance, solve recurring quality problems and increase produc-tivity by cross-referencing know-how and data from IoT sensors. It's an ideal tool to quickly spread best practices across different production sites.

Preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance

PICC enables real-time analysis of working conditions within a pool of machines, and predicts possible short- and medium-term failures. In the event of a breakdown, it can establish a diagno-sis and guide the technician towards the right troubleshooting procedure.

Field Service

PICC is the ideal tool for reducing intervention times and increasing success rates. Our platform will also make it easy to capture any undocumented situation, and will be the Help Desk's bible for any remote advice.


PICC considerably reduces onboarding time by providing the right information at the right time, i.e when it's needed. Our platform also helps secure knowledge transmission in offboarding pro-cedures, through a simple, interactive and rewarding process.

Collective intelligence

PICC helps foster commitment in collaborative projects by facilitating the contribution of different stakeholders. PICC's powerful AI can organize knowledge to generate new insights. And this knowledge can be reused from one project to another.


PICC has a module dedicated to innovation, which provides support based on the TRIZ method and a unique patent database. Our platform is a highly powerful tool that fuels the ideation pro-cess and secures decision-making, especially for disruptive innovations.