PICC in use : The French Grand-Est region relies on AI to draw up its economic de-velopment strategy

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A pioneer on the subject of artificial intelligence, the French Grand-Est region had already used PICC in 2020, to draw up its economic recovery plan, called Business Act, after the COVID crisis (read our previous article here).

The region is once again relying on our software to update its economic development plan (formalized in a mandatory document called SRDEII). Thanks to the stunning analytical power of PICC Software and the easy access to information it provides, the French Grand-Est region can nurture its brainwork with millions of data entries, while simplifying its decision-making.

It thus confirms the benefits of AI, used to complement field work sessions, in the strategic planning missions local authorities.

An exhaustive documentary analysis to complement public consultation

Defining strategic orientations at regional scale requires the organization of multiple meetings with all types of stakeholders. The Grand-Est region, for example, went for a large-scale, two-stage consultation process before formalizing its SRDEII for the period 2022-2028.
Meanwhile, PICC Software was called in.

The region was indeed willing to go further than ever, by integrating to its analysis the past and future strategic orientations of other French regions as well as neighboring countries. It therefore collected the SRDEIIs of all French regions, as well as numerous other sources of information related to European economic development projects.

Hundreds of documents, each several hundred pages long, were loaded into PICC Software. These documents were then automatically analyzed by our artificial intelligence, specially trained to identify, connect and rank problems and their solutions.

All in all, PICC created and analyzed 70 million links. Should this work have been carried out by a human, it would have taken at least 6 months.

Highlighting cognitive biases and unidentified opportunities

Out of all the documents provided, our AI extracted a list of the main topics that should be discussed by local authorities. And it didn’t stop there. It also extracted and aggregated all the knowledge available on each topic to rank them according to their respective potential impact on the region’s economic development.

PICC Software was also used to compare the AI analysis with the analysis carried out by experts and consultants during the two field consultation phases. First, the automatic document analysis was compared with the diagnosis drawn up for the region. This comparison ensured that all important issues were taken into account in the strategic document. Then, in a second step, the qualitative analysis carried out by PICC was compared with the strategic orientations proposed by the working groups. This new comparison brought to light cognitive biases in the evaluation of the impact of some orientations.

The Grand-Est region used our two iterations of artificial intelligence to consider all economic development opportunities objectively.

A knowledge base easily actionable, at any time

All the knowledge analyzed and structured in PICC was made available to the people in charge of drafting the SRDEII.

With a “digital twin” of knowledge on hand, that offers dynamic access to information on the basis of multiple queries, the region saves precious time in the formalization of strategic orientation documents and action plans. The artificial intelligence, however, is never taking over on human intelligence. The information/data collected can be consulted at any time to be validated, or not.

PICC Software is a platform dedicated to knowledge management. It uses artificial intelligence that has been specially trained to solve complex problems that the human brain alone cannot grasp. It contributes to increasing the analytical power and the relevance of decision-making within companies, communities and non-governmental projects. It offers unique opportunities for developing collective intelligence.

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