The Great East region called upon PICC Solution to be on the cutting edge of technology

By Constant Ondo

The Great East region, in an effort to be at the forefront of innovation and Artificial Intelligence, called on PICC Solution to analyze all contributions from working groups and citizens to support the recovery from the crisis caused by COVID-19.

The “Great East Business Act” is an initiative that started in the middle of April 2020 with all the economic stakeholders of the territory. It brought together 22 thematic working groups chaired by a business leader as well as a “committee of sages” and national experts. In total, nearly 600 people took part in its development by generating several thousand pages of reports.

In the span of two days, PICC analyzed all the contributions and extracted 4000 issues, 5000 solutions and 14000 relationships around four main themes:

  • digital
  • support
  • ecology
  • governance

One hundred fields, including: economy, industry, sport, culture, energy and agriculture were analyzed to measure the impact of the crisis.

For example, the PICC software allowed us to visualize which solutions are most appropriate to:

– Support economic sovereignty
– Acquire autonomy from FAANG
– Mobilize collective intelligence
– Fund green actions
– Adjust the level of regulation
– Plan long-term and short-term investments
– Improve the performance of public policy
– Facilitate cross-border economic trade
– Train professionals in the use of new tools

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