Collaboration Software FOR A BETTER WORLD



There is no nicer and more engaging goal than building a better world.

PICC Software supports you in this process with a platform where you can collaborate with all your stakeholders to move your CSR projects forward.

Make our world a better place for everyone with our CSR Project Management Software.

More than a simple social collaboration tool, PICC is an online collaboration software that helps unlock collective intelligence to solve problems, plus an action plan management software to turn solutions into actions.


collaboration software enables:
  • to gather communities who share knowledge around a common topic
  • to create a collaborative network between internal staff and external contributors
  • to aggregate theoretical knowledge, hands-on experience and IoT datas to solve complex problems
  • to record and reuse acquired knowledge from one project to another
  • to manage your action plan.

Promote diversity in collaborative project management

CSR projects often imply people with different profiles, coming from different countries and cultures. PICC Software helps you promote this diversity with an automatic translation of each contribution in more than 26 languages.

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Use the power of ai

to solve multidimensional problems

Improving one thing without damaging another is where environmental and social projects become so complicated. Thanks to artificial intelligence, our collaboration software can articulate multidimensional problems in a network of interdependent problems and solutions and display them in a knowledge map (KMAP).

KMAP supports the project team in its decision-making process and in defining its action plan so that change is for the better.

Share knowledge to move faster

PICC Software allows people living thousands of miles away to help each other by sharing their experiences.

The platform accepts all kinds of documents, photos, videos, and even voice recording to capture as many hands-on experiences as possible. Sharing these experiences within the community helps solve daily problems without having to reinvent the wheel.

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