Turn Knowledge Into Competitive Advantage.

Collect, map, share and use explicit knowledge, tacit know-how, IoT datas to unlock collective intelligence within your company.

PICC Software Makes Knowledge Immediately Actionable.


Forward-thinking leaders trust PICC Software

100% user-centric

  • requires no effort to feed the knowledge base
  • saves time searching for information
  • avoids reinventing the wheel
  • helps solve complex problems
  • fosters individual recognition

Result oriented

because knowledge simply stored on a server has no value


because knowledge can serve multiple purposes

AI supported

because complexity requires high processing capacity

Knowledge management has never been that powerful​

Captures ALL your knowledge

Including experience feedbacks and data coming from IoT devices.

Creates a path towards the best known solution

After having automatically assessed the relevance of all existing ones.

Identifies meanings behind words

Extracting knowledge from unstructured documents, voice recordings, thought processes.

Reveals new skills within the organization

By automatically evaluating every contribution on the platform.

Provides automatic knowledge mapping

Using an intuitive problem/solution pattern.

Helps your teams reach the moon

Uncovering new opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation.

Companies that value their human capital use PICC Software

« PICC Software is the perfect tool to capitalize the endless hours spent by employees at their workstations, prepare retirements, face sick leaves and manage skill development. »
Carine Aujogue
HR Director at Poppe & Potthoff
Forward-thinking leaders trust PICC Software

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