FMCG Augmented intelligence for the consumer good industry

Imagine a world where you could

  • Capture and analyze thousands of market feedbacks in real-time,
  • Identify changes in consumer preferences before anyone,
  • Validate the market potential of your innovation insights with a scientific method,
  • Continuously fuel your innovation pipeline with new projects,
  • Plan new product launches according to market maturity,
  • Reduce the development and production costs of new products.

Would it help boost revenue growth and customer loyalty?

We’re offering you the key to this new world: augmented intelligence.

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do FMCG manufacturers need augmented intelligence solutions ?

The consumer goods industry is at the front lines of society and business model transformation, facing more complexity, uncertainty, and time pressure than ever.

It has to take new customer requirements (such as responsibility and sustainability) into account while keeping production costs low.

It has to innovate at an increasing pace and yet make sure innovations will be profitable. It has to integrate new technologies to provide the best possible omnichannel customer experience.

Just to name a few.

Meeting these challenges requires to connect an increasing number of data, information, feedbacks, constraints in a relevant pattern that will take a human brain months to build. And yet with uncertain results.

CPG manufacturers can no longer afford that time and risk.

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does PICC Software provide augmented intelligence to FMCG manufacturers ?

Our integrated platform offers operational tools to accelerate and secure the innovation process.

All starts with simplifying the capture of market feedbacks coming from different sources and automating their analysis to provide real-time customer intelligence that can be turned into actionable insights.

PICC Software makes you see more clearly.

Then comes our systematic innovation module based on the TRIZ method, which helps you detail all the characteristics of your existing products and compare them with market expectations, competitive solutions and IP literature. The main benefit of the scientific TRIZ method is that your innovation funnel will be continuously fueled with new ideas, objectively ranked according to their potential market acceptance level and contribution to revenue growth.

PICC Software makes you invent tirelessly and decide more securely.

Finally, our innovation project management module supports you all along the product development process, automatically identifying the experts you need and guiding your teams in complex issue solving. Here again, the TRIZ method is a real asset as it allows to solve contradictions that could first appear insuperable.

PICC Software makes you reach the market more efficiently.

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