Deep learning applied to your corporate knowledge asset

PICC Software uses deep learning tools to make corporate knowledge accessible to all with minimum effort. Information that was previously hidden is supplied at the right time to the right person in order to enhance individual and collective intelligence.

With PICC Software, articifial intelligence is not used to replace human beings but to help them create more value for their company.

Natural language processing

PICC Software uses the unique capabilities of deep learning to extract knowledge from all kinds of documents.

Keyword search is over. With PICC you can submit a question or a problem to the system and immediately get a list of all answers / solutions coming from company’s experience as well as from external documentation.

Natural language processing is also used to automatically translate any text and voice recording in more than 26 languages. This enhances knowledge sharing and collaboration throughout your organization.

Automatic data analysis, scoring and sorting

With outstanding calculation capabilities and neural network organization, our deep learning tools add value to your data and transform it in actionable information.

PICC Software is able to cross-analyze figures, words and pictures coming from IoT devices, corporate softwares or user contributions to reveal value creation opportunities.

PICC Software is also able to score information and network it in order to show the path from one problem to its solution, however deep the root causes are. This gives PICC Software amazing complex problem solving capabilities.

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