Augmented intelligence for the manufacturing industry

Imagine a world where you could

  • Define in a blink of an eye where IoT devices will be truly useful,
  • Create procedures on the fly for any maintenance issue,
  • Discover unexpected sources of energy savings,
  • Base any decision on a comprehensive risk/benefit analysis,
  • Systematize the collect of experience feedbacks,
  • Identify where improvement matters most,
  • Make the tacit knowledge of your experienced workers available to newcomers.

Would it help you to overcome complexity in daily operations?

We’re offering you the key to this new world: augmented intelligence.

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does the manufacturing industry need augmented intelligence solutions ?

Managing manufacturing processes in today’s environment is a complex art.

Factories are exposed to more potential crisis, new risks must be assessed and efficiently dealt with.

Worldwide production and supply chain cards are reshuffled, calling for strategic decisions.

Batches and series keep shrinking, energy costs keep increasing and yet, production costs must be kept under control. Breakthrough process innovations are needed to maintain operational excellence.

Just to name a few.

Proper decision-making requires more than a clear and comprehensive view of any problem. It calls for a dynamic model where multiple parameters can be filled in and played with.
Heads of manufacturing need the support of powerful intelligent analysis tools.

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does PICC Software provide augmented intelligence to the manufacturing industry ?

Our integrated platform provides operational tools to solve complex manufacturing issues.

It all starts with building up and feeding a knowledge map with data, information and experience feedback coming from heterogeneous sources (people, machines, ERPs, CRMs…) that are automatically organized in a network of interconnected problems and solutions.

PICC Software gets you right down to root causes.

From this new, enriched pattern, will automatically emerge best practices, solutions and innovation ideas that were previously out of reach. Our plaform will also help you assess the impact of problem-solving on your overall performance. And our innovation module based on the TRIZ method will guide you toward the right choices.

PICC Software provides you with new improvement perspectives.

Newly identified solutions are made available to all people within your organization through dynamic flowcharts and procedures, simply by asking about a particular problem. No time-consuming communication and training effort from the management. No cumbersome search required from users and no understanding issues with our automatic translation in over 26 languages.

PICC Software helps you align performance across manufacturing sites.

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