Tacit knowledge a highly valuable asset

Tacit knowledge holds a much bigger value creation potential than explicit knowledge. Tacit knowledge represents how a person uses an information together with individual skills in a unique cognitive process to solve a problem, as well as the lessons he/she learned from this experience. It is not just knowledge, but knowledge applied with intelligence.

Loosing tacit knowledge comes back to reinventing the wheel, again and again. Yet, it is what happens in many companies.

And it is exactly what PICC Software can avoid.

Why Knowledge Management softwares usually fail collecting tacit knowledge ?

Tacit knowledge is very hard to verbalize… and might even be considered by some of us as a secret garden that should not be shared with other too clearly.

Tacit knowledge collection thus faces technical as well as psychological barriers.
Most of knowledge management sofware are unable to lift these barriers and do not really capture tacit knowledge. They rather transform it into explicit knowledge through experience sheets, wikis…

Doing so, they not only dissuade people from feeding the knowledge management system, but also drain tacit knowledge from its unique value.

Why is PICC Software different ?

PICC Software captures tacit knowledge through experience feedbacks which first serve the person who recorded them and which are not automatically shared with others.
Experience feedback recording is 100% instinctive : no need to follow a strict pattern, no time lost.

People are thus more eager to feed the system. First barrier lifted.
Natural language processing is then used to analyze the knowledge within the feedback, translate it in as many language as needed, and integrate it in the global knowledge map of the company. Second barrier lifted.

PICC Software is also able to use experience feedbacks to automatically spot who owns critical knowledge. This helps retain it in off-boarding processes.

More about experience feedback capture with PICC Software.

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