Online collaborative platform PICC Software, the result-oriented solution

Stop chatting, start acting.

Move from Corporate Social Networks to online collaboration tools. PICC Software helps you gather and engage people in a new digital collaboration approach to make great things happen.

It relies on result as an incentive for wide user adoption, which fosters change management and unlocks collective intelligence within your organization.


PICC Software is based on a knowledge map (KMAP), where all the theoretical knowledge, hands-on experience and data of your company are aggregated.

Organized in a network of interconnected problems and solutions, the KMAP provides immediate access to actionable information, anytime, anywhere. It saves people hours of search.

Backed with AI, it automatically displays a global view of multidimensional problems. Your teams know where their contribution can really help.


PICC Software’s KMAP provides a common framework for ideation where anyone can participate and where ideas can be reused from one project to another. Individual contributions are truly valued.

The problem/solution approach and a scientifically validated method for ideation help steer creativity towards profitable solutions. You magnify the benefits of collective intelligence.


PICC Software supports your collective decision-making, showing the right path from one problem to all its existing and possible solutions.

It secures the final decision through objective, multi-criteria risk/benefit analysis.

You strengthen ties at all stages, including the most critical one.


Simply create ad hoc teams for each project, assign tasks, follow results : PICC Software offers all the functionalities your need for your action plan management.

Save time and money : use online real-time collaboration and automatic translation for people based in different locations and/or countries.

PICC Software : the shortest route between ideas and results.

Efficient collaboration for the price of a cup of coffee ?




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