Agile and connected Business Process Modeling with PICC Software

PICC Software helps you take your Business Processes to a new level of excellence, using AI and IoT to solve complex issues, support decision making and automate tasks.

It promotes transparency within all your processes and allows you to dig into individual initiatives to find those which can be referred to as best practices.

It provides access to up-to-date, actionable knowledge wherever needed.

Simple mapping, even for complex event processing

PICC Software automatically generates dynamic flowcharts leading from one problem to all possible solutions, ranked according their efficiency and linked with associated risks.

It can also generate procedures with logical functions and multiple variables so that guidelines are adapted to each particular situation.

Users can navigate easily in flowcharts and procedures whatever their complexity, proceeding step by step down to the end.

IoT and data to support decision making

PICC Software can be linked with IoT sensors to collect real-time data that will fuel the analysis and decision making process.

Data can also be used for automation purposes, such as monitoring thresholds, triggering alarms…

Other data coming from the company’s ERP, MES or CRM can also be integrated into the system.

Automatic identification of best practices and improvement sources

PICC Software encourages experience feedback submission at all levels of the organization, thanks to user-friendly functionalities and smartphone access.

Feedbacks are automatically analyzed and evaluated, then integrated into the company’s knowledge map. They help reveal and share best practices as well as to identify continuous improvement opportunities.

Use cases :

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