COVID19 – PICC software made available to find solutions

Date: March 17, 2020

PICC SA, its Luxembourg partner Firis and German partner KRS Intelligence offer assistance, by providing the PICC solution free of charge, in order to boost and increase reliability:

  • – research on the Coronavirus
  • – patient management
  • – situation management

History and strength of PICC

PICC has proven itself in the biggest innovation and research centers, by its reliability and facilitation intense contexts, in terms of:

fast and reliable complex problems solving

– facilitated collective intelligence

– research (root causes, functions, and subsets, systems)

– analysis of complex or critical situations

– systematic innovation (incremental or disruptive)

Its origins forged in fundamental research are quickly approved by CNRS and the CEA.
Companies such as BIC, Samsung, Socomec, Arcelor Mittal use it to facilitate innovation and continuous improvement.
It ideally meets the specific requirements related to critical situations and the specific requirements required by specialized laboratories or organizations such as the Red Cross.

How will PICC help?

PICC SA and FIRIS, therefore, offer to help research centers, with this solution, for :

  • – rapid analysis of the situation, with all its twists and turns
  • – bring together the best experts on this collaborative platform, even if they are remote (multi-languages and automatic translation),
  • – capitalize and structure the reflections to find solution quickly
  • – analyze the past and future context
  • – make more reliable decisions
  • – improve care
  • – improve crisis management, for staff and all other stakeholders.

In this special moment, everything that everyone can bring to the situation is beneficial.
PICC SA and Firis thus provide their tools and know-how in support of researchers.



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