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PICC Software features all the functionalities needed to manage your continuous improvement plans, from feedback collection and root cause analysis to action plan management and result measurement.

Yet, what makes PICC Software special is its ability to involve every employee in the process, to reveal unknown improvement opportunities and to implement quick wins throughout the organization.

Do better, faster, with PICC Software

Capture problems and solutions on the fly

PICC Software is the most user-friendly solution to capture experience feedbacks. No effort required, no time wasted. Users can submit their problems and solutions or capture their improvement ideas directly on their smartphones, using text, pictures, video or voice recording.

Everyone can participate, everyday, making your feedback database incredibly rich.

Visualize unsolved problems and their root causes

PICC Software aggregates all feedbacks in a network of interconnected problems where each nod is weighted according to its occurrence frequency, severity and contribution to other problems. Each problem is moreover automatically linked with all solutions already tested to solve it.

This helps reveal unsolved problems and quickly identify their root causes.

Straight to the point, no time wasted in meetings, surveys and reporting activities.

Act where it matters most

PICC Software is also able to rank problems according to their impact on global performance, as well as to assess the efficiency of already tested solutions.

Validated solutions can be shared and reused immediately by anyone who needs them, leading to quick wins. Teams can objectively decide which problems matter most, and concentrate on solving them.

Profitable resource allocation.

Create ad hoc taskforces

PICC Software also uses experience feedback automatic analysis to spot Subject Matter Experts and Key Opinion Leaders, as well as to identify specific skills amongst employees.

With this information team leaders can create the best taskforce to address a particular problem.

Validated experts whenever needed.

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