OUR collective intelligence SOFTWARE will make your business thrive

Digitalization is an opportunity for every company to reinvent itself and take an advantage against competition.

Going digital means using new tools, but more importantly implementing deep changes in corporate culture, management and business processes to become truly agile.

This is why we designed PICC Software not only as a collaborative intelligence sofware but also as a support to change management.

Give meaning

PICC Software increases commitment to change by associating collaborative work with problem solving.

Employees get used to information sharing and mutual support on daily issues as well as on larger projects. They can experience the benefits of collective intelligence on their own objectives and the impact of their contributions on company’s improvement.

They get a clear vision of where they stand in the community.

Break silos

PICC Software does not replace old silos by new ones.

platform is built up as a pool of knowledge from which anyone can draw inspiration. Information is not tanked in project groups or communities of interest. Nor is its access limited due to poor mastery of foreign language.

It provides truly open environment from which collaboration initiatives naturally emerge.

Create success

PICC Software is an increadibly powerful tool for innovation management. Teams are never left on their own but guided in their ideation process to make sure they will come out with marketable and profitable solutions. Success is there, from the first project on.

Team members can take pride in the power of collective intelligence.

Learn more about what your teams really expect from a collaborative platform.

PICC Software : the dream teams preferred collaborative intelligence software.



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